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BES Healthcare Ltd, based in Bristol (UK), is a leading provider of rehabilitation and assistive technology products and decontamination equipment to the public and private healthcare sectors.  Established in 1993 as ‘Better Ergonomic Seating’, BES Healthcare has grown over the years to become a company that offers a broader range of products and services that have led it to become a respected player in its industry.  BES Healthcare has two divisions: Assistive Technology, and Infection Prevention, reflecting the main markets in which it operates.


BES Healthcare is a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) with its Trading Standards Institute (TSI) approved Code of Practice. Many of BES Healthcare's members of staff who work on the Rehab side of the business are members of the Posture and Mobility Group, and of the ATP Society, which gives them the education, support, and qualifications needed to operate professionally in the Rehab sector.


BES Healthcare was first ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 certified in 2005. BES Healthcare has been awarded Bodypoint’s Outstanding Distributor over many years, and in 2007 was awarded Bodypoint’s Excellence in Product Education. The company’s Chairman holds the BHTA Lifetime Achievements Award 2016.


Our Assistive Technology division promotes Varilite’s unique pressure care and positioning cushions and back supports for wheelchairs, Bodypoint® positioning and support belts and harnesses, Stealth body and head supports including the unique i2i head support, Shear Comfort® medical sheepskin and wool products, BodiTrak pressure mapping systems, Glidewear low shear materials, and the Weely mid-wheeled manual wheelchairs. Alongside these product ranges, BES Healthcare offers comprehensive training and education services, as we believe this is the key to obtaining true value from our products. 

Our Infection Prevention division supplies, maintains, and validates decontamination-related equipment for SSDs and other healthcare settings, including for transportation, washing, disinfection, sterilisation and waste management. 

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