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PMG National Training Event -Success!

For this year’s Posture Mobility Group National Training Event, we booked three adjoining stands to showcase all of our new products – of which there were quite a few.

The recently launched PivotFit harness from Bodypoint gathered quite a lot of attention, especially as we used a mechanical rocking torso to demonstrate how the straps stay untwisted throughout movement, and how the controlled stretch works. The Bodypoint Evoflex harness also received much praise from existing customers, who said they were really impressed with how durable and comfortable it had proved to be.   

 As the torso was merrily rocking back and forth at one end of the stand, Mark Amos at the other end was demonstrating the i-Drive, a new head array device from Stealth Products which is incredibly smooth to drive. He was also giving out free beef jerky to our visitors, as part of our i-Drive campaign ‘ditch the jerky – become a smooth operator with the i-Drive.’

 See Mark and the i-Drive in the video below:



The BodiTrak pressure mapping system went down well, and people couldn’t believe how affordable it was. We hope that more clinicians are going to be able to access this incredibly useful technology now that it is more cost effective and portable.

After the days of exhibiting were done, a BBQ and gala dinner allowed us to talk to our customers on a more personal basis, and a lot of fun was had by all.

The BES Rehab team would like to say a big thank you to everybody who attended the PMG National Training Event, and to the organisers. We hope you had as much of a good time as we did, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.     

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PMG National Training Event -Success!

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