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How will Brexit affect us?

We fully recognise there is a level of risk presented in relation to Brexit. However we feel the risk mainly orients around the price of the products as opposed to the availability. We import products from all around the world, not just from within the EU, so a hard Brexit simply means the EU joins the rest of the world in terms of importing. The point about price is in relation to the change in exchange rates, we have already seen a large change just after the referendum and we anticipate a further negative change if “Hard Brexit” happens – and this would be likely to be passed onto the customer as we have already had to absorb the first round.

We see the likelihood of import tariffs on medical goods being very low and therefore the potential disruptions to clear customs low. Goods might get caught up in general backlogs at the border, and we’ll try and anticipate this as far as we can with buffer stock. We would recommend that you also take some proactive action in preparation as well and ensure you have additional stock of your own, particularly with critical goods, to provide extra protection against delays.

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