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EarlySense – a contact-free patient safety system, a finalist at the EHI Awards

Distributed exclusively in the UK by BES Rehab Ltd, EarlySense has been acknowledged as a solution worthy of being a finalist at the EHI Awards, Selected from 35 entries, as one of the top three in the category, ‘Best Use of IT to Promote Patient Safety’.

BES introduced EarlySense to the UK Healthcare market as a tool to reduce preventable costs faced by the NHS: these include £2bn - £2.3bn on falls, £1.4bn - £2.1bn on pressure ulcers, £30,000, per person on resuscitation, and £2bn on Sepsis, per year.

EarlySense is a contact-free sensor which, when placed under a mattress, continuously monitors vitals such as heart and respiratory rate, and detects movement. This system has proven to significantly reduce critical ‘code blue’ events, falls, and pressure ulcers in hospitals around the world.

Most critical events (such as cardiac and circulatory arrests) are preceded by warnings of trend changes in heart and respiratory rate, 6-8 hours prior to the event. Using algorithms within its software, EarlySense detects early changes and alerts Healthcare professionals that an early intervention is necessary thus avoiding critical events and reducing the considerable associated costs.

Within published clinical studies, EarlySense has been shown to be able to reduce the need for resuscitation events by 86%, reduce incidences of falls by 87%, and pressure ulcers 74%.

The winners will be announced at the EHI Awards on 29th September in Lancaster Hotel, London.

At BES Healthcare, we aim to support the NHS HARM-free initiative to reduce preventable HARMs such as falls and pressure ulcers, and help deliver a safe environment for patients in hospitals, and in their homes.

Director of Healthcare, Leyton Stevens said, “We are extremely proud that EarlySense has been chosen by EHI to be a finalist in the category best use of IT to promote patient safety. We at BES Rehab Ltd firmly believe the EarlySense system sets the benchmark for the future choice of equipment, aiding those Healthcare professionals looking to enhance patient safety whilst reducing the associated costs”.

EarlySense – a contact-free patient safety system, a finalist at the EHI Awards

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