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BES Rehab Ltd - Winner of the BHTA Best Marketing Campaign Award 2013 (1)

BES Rehab Ltd - Winner of the BHTA Best Marketing Campaign Award 2013 (1)

BES Rehab Ltd receives national recognition for supporting children with disabilities in the UK


Bristol based BES Rehab Ltd launched a campaign in 2012 to support children with physical disabilities by providing a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution from head to toe to help them in their wheelchairs. This solution aimed to offer healthcare professionals and parents excellent quality wheelchair accessories for their children, from market leading world class brands, all under one roof.

BES Rehab launched this solution under the banner ‘Heads, Shoulders, Hips and Toes: Supporting kids wherever they go’, at all the Disabled Living and ‘Kidz’ exhibitions in the UK. As part of the campaign, a brochure with more than a hundred wheelchair accessories was created to help offer the right solution for every child’s individual positioning needs. This campaign was a door opener for BES Rehab’s sales team into schools and children’s disability centres, giving them the opportunity to assess children, provide the right solutions, and make a difference to their lives.

The success of this campaign was seen through BES Rehab’s rising sales of paediatric products, and through testimonials. This campaign did not go unnoticed by the British Healthcare Trades Association, and was awarded the Best Marketing Campaign at their Annual Awards dinner on 6th December 2013 as an appreciation of its success and effectiveness seen in the secondary supports marketplace of the Healthcare Industry. The award was presented by BBC Breakfast’s Bill Turnbull. This award follows last year’s award to BES Rehab’s Linsay Stevenson as Assistive Technology Practitioner of the Year.

Being established for 20 years BES’ recognises the need for children to be seated correctly. Children need to be prescribed the right cushion with the right belt, a comfortable back support, and the right head support, as they have growing bones and muscles, and the consequences of seating them incorrectly would position their bodies poorly for life.

Taking these needs into consideration, the Head, Shoulders, Hips and Toes – Paediatric One Stop Shop campaign was put together, and has now received recognition for its success nationally. This campaign does not stop here. BES Rehab continues to strive to reach as many parents, healthcare professionals, and children across the UK in the coming years to make sure we support every child with disabilities with the right equipment, to make their lives better wherever they go.

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