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BES Rehab and DCS Joncare’s refocussed support for people with disabilities

BES Rehab and DCS Joncare’s refocussed support for people with disabilities

With the acquisition of DCS Joncare in December 2015, BES Rehab has broadened its range of solutions for people with disabilities, especially for children.  Having reviewed the respective strengths of the ranges supplying positioning and pressure care solutions, BES Rehab merged the sales, marketing, and customer service teams of BES Rehab and DCS Joncare into one team on 1 October 2016.

In the new structure, BES Rehab now has a Director of Rehab, Ian Bickerton, who joined BES to assist in the continuation of the company’s growth and development in the area of assistive technology and rehabilitation. With over 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience, Ian will play an important role in linking sales and marketing strategies to provide the right solutions to healthcare professionals who cater to individuals with disabilities.

Under Ian’s management, BES Rehab has four Assistive Technology Specialists (ATS), two Assistive Product Sales Managers, a Business Development Manager (BDM), and a Regional Sales Manager, covering the UK.

Covering England and Wales, the ATSs will be responsible for the more clinically oriented activities of assessments, fittings, and demonstrations of the wide range of solutions provided by professionals to people with disabilities. Whereas the previous emphasis for the DCS Joncare product advisers was on CDCs and special schools, and the BES team had been concentrating more on Wheelchair Services, the new emphasis will be supporting all professionals working with people with disabilities, be they in Health, Social Services, Education, or Employment. Richard Bowes and Ben Coombs, known by Joncare customers, are now two of the four ATSs for BES Rehab. Richard (Rik) is responsible for the North West of England and Wales, while Ben is in charge of the South East of England. We are currently in the process of recruiting two ATSs for the South West and the North East of England.

Alongside the ATS team in England and Wales, Kayleigh Liptrott, Business Development Manager, is responsible for the South, and Regional Sales Manager, Gemma Thompson covers the North. Within their roles, they will work with managers of services, retail outlets, etc., making sure that the solutions being prescribed through liaison with the ATS teams are available at the right price, in the right conformation, and at the right time.

In Ireland and Scotland respectively, our existing Assistive Products Sales Managers, Colin McKinney and Paul Nelson, will continue to provide the combined roles of ATS and BDM for those countries.

This new structure and emphasis provides increased support and education for Joncare’s and BES Rehab’s existing customer base. This is at a time when we have exciting complements to the Bodypoint, Varilite, Stealth, Shear Comfort, and Breezi ranges for which BES and Joncare are so well-known. These complements include the Leggero range of buggies, the Weely (the first manual wheelchair with a mid-line main wheel), and GlideWear low shear products.

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