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How EarlySense help prevent Pressure Ulcers

The EarlySense Patient Monitoring system has been proven to reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers by 64%*

One of the main reasons for readmission to the hospital is that staff fails to spot pressure sores putting an unnecessary strain on the patient as well as their families.*

The EarlySense system features an automatic motion analysis that assists clinicians to identify patients at risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

The system also features movement data reports including system recognition of patient's turns, response times, and ability to ensure team protocol compliance. 

For more information about how EarlySense Patient Monitoring System can help your NHS Trust or Care Home, please contact our EarlySense Product Manager Diane Hargrove at or call +44 (0) 7795 075670


*Technology Assessment: Early Sense for Monitoring Vital Signs in Hospitalized  Patients. 2016. Reference available on request.   


Help Prevent Pressure Ulcers with EarlySense

Reduce Pressure Ulcers

Reduce bed blocking

  • The EarlySense technology allows patients to retain their independence and be cared for in the preferred Community setting safely.
  • Data collected by the system offers a full patient record. 
  • This results in decision making that is based on recorded data which reduces the occurrence of unneccessary hospital admissions. 
Reduce Pressure Ulcers

Enable a proactive approach to healthcare

As the EarlySense system continuously records data for the individual patient, the designated carer is equipped with the reassurance that the appropriate care is being delivered in a timely and correct manner.

This allows for a proactive approach to healthcare as it enables healthcare staff to care for the patient before the incident occurs.

Reduce Pressure Ulcers

Improve quality of care in home setting

There's a significant body of evidence demonstrating how hospital admissions can have a negative effect on elderly patients' physical and mental wellbeing.

Because the EarlySense system enables community care staff with the ability to make informed decisions and interventions. EarlySense allows for patients to be cared for safely in the appropriate care environment.


EarlySense is proactively integrated into the prevention effort of pressure ulcers

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