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How EarlySense can Help Prevent Falls

The EarlySense system has a wealth of clinical evidence and has been proven to reduce falls by 87%* 

In geriatric and dementia wards in hospitals, the EarlySense system can be  of use to prevent falls without the need for one-to-one care. 

Carers can tailor bed-exit sensitivity depending on the patient's condition. Real-time alerts enable healthcare staff to get to the patient's bedside when the fall is still preventable.

The system not only detects potential bed exists but also sends wandering notifications to the nurse in charge. 

For more information about how the EarlySense Patient Monitoring System can help your NHS Trust or Care Home, please contact our EarlySense Product Manager Diane Hargrove on or call +44 (0) 7795 075670



*Impact of Nursing Safety Initiatives on Patient Outcomes Florida, Tampa. FONE Poster. Refference available on request.  


Help Prevent Falls with EarlySense

Fall Prevention

Enhances Patient Safety

EarlySense technology allows for a comprehensive approach to fall prevention, which can contribute to improved patient safety.

1. The EarlySense sensor monitors the patient's risk of falling.

2. The EarlySense system then alerts the healthcare staff through their mobiles devices when the patient is at risk of falling.

3. Healthcare staff can regularly develop response time reports.


Fall Prevention

Reduces admissions to Hospitals

  • By preventing falls in community settings, the chances of admitting elderly patients to hospital decreases. 
  • This has a positive effect on the hospitals that are stuggling with bed capacity
  • The elderly patients temselves will also benefit from this as evidence shows that elderly can become increasingly incapacitated as a result of hospital admission with serious physical and mental health deterioration.  
Fall Prevention

Reduces the need for one-to-one nursing

Although one-to-one nursing can reduce the number of falls for patients within hospitals and care homes, many healthcare staff don't have the time or resources to constantly monitor individual patients.

The EarlySense System allows for nurses and other healthcare staff to monitor their assigned patients. This is done through central a display station as well as mobile devices that alert the staff when the patient is moving or exiting the bed.


Contact-free Monitoring Solution for Patient Fall Prevention

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