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How Earlysense enables early detection of Sepsis

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness that can impact people of every age, occurring in one of 50 cases of patients admitted to hospital.*  

Early detection of Sepsis is crucial to get the best patient outcome as statistically, for each hour that passes the likelihood of mortality increases by 7.6%.* 

One of the first signs of infection, and concurrently Sepsis, is an increase in key vital signs.

With its ability to continuously monitor heart and respiratory rate, The EarlySense system helps alert clinicians that a patient should be evaluated for sepsis 6-7 hours before an event.

For more information about how EarlySense Patient Monitoring System can help your NHS Trust or Care Home, please contact our EarlySense Product Manager Diane Hargrove on or call +44 (0) 7795 075670


*NHS England, Improving outcomes for patients with sepsis. 2015. Reference available on request.  

Detects Sepsis Early with EarlySense

Early detection of Sepsis

Early detection of patient deterioration such as Sepsis

Early diagnosis of Sepsis is essential for successful treatment. The EarlySense system allows for early detection of patient deterioration through its algorithms that can detect early signs of deterioration 6-7 hours before an event. 

Early detection of Sepsis

Quick and easy communication between healthcare staff

The Earlysense system sends data wirelessly to a central information screen and can be configured to provide alerts to mobile devices of designated healthcare staff for quick and efficient communication. 


Early detection of Sepsis

Increase in optimal patient outcome

By providing healthcare professionals with continuous data and timely indication of change, precious time can be saved enabling early detection and treatment of Sepsis. This can help provide the patient with the best possible outcomes post-treatment. 

Earlysense, Contact-free monitoring of vital signs for Early Detection of Patient Deterioration

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