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How EarlySense can Provide Better Quality of Care

The EarlySense system's ability to continuously monitor and record data, helps caregivers provide a better quality of care and ensure a high standard of patient safety.

This can help care facilities maintain and exceed CQC requirements, hence preventing bans on admissions, and in turn reducing financial pressures.

For more information about how the EarlySense Patient Monitoring System can help your NHS Trust or Care Home, please contact our EarlySense Product Manager Diane Hargrove at or call +44 (0) 7795 075670


Provide Better Care with the EarlySense contact-free technology

Better Quality of Care

Prioritise workloads for healthcare staff

  • The EarlySense technology raises genuine alarms in the event of a care emergency, for example, a potential fall.
  • Continous monitoring and accurate alarms help carers prioritise their workloads and manage their time better to provide appropriate patient care where needed. 
Better Quality of Care

Reduce pressure on staff

  • Multiple patients' vitals, movement, and bed exits can be viewed at any given time through a nursing station or mobile device. 

  • The EalySense system also exists as a chair sensor for complete 24 hour care.

  • These features help remove the need for one-to-one nursing, and reduce pressure on staff. 

Better Quality of Care

Improve patient experience

  • EarlySense technology can be easily installed with no disruption or inconvenience to the patient.

  • As the technology is contact-free, patients can continue with their everyday lives without being attached to a bed monitor or being stressed by false alarms. 

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