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EarlySense Patient Monitoring System

EarlySense technology improves communication and patient flow between Acute and Community settings, ensures safe and timely discharge, and prevents unnecessary admissions and readmissions.

EarlySense is an innovative contact-free patient monitoring system which continuously monitors heart rate, respiration rate, and movement through a sensor placed beneath the patient's mattress.

Algorithms enable the system to accurately detect early signs of deterioration 6-7 hours before an event. Additionally, the system's motion alerts, and turn programmes help prevent avoidable falls and pressure ulcers.

The EarlySense technology allows healthcare staff to provide safe, appropriate healthcare in the right setting.

For more information about how the EarlySense Patient Monitoring System can help your NHS Trust or Care Home, please contact our EarlySense Product Manager Diane Hargrove at or call +44 (0) 7795 075670


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