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BES Rehab supports and works with clinicians and professionals who are responsible for the prescription and provision of equipment to individuals with disabilities.

BES Rehab will primarily interact with specialists such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Rehab Engineers, and companies providing equipment for individuals with disabilities. BES Rehab’s main product ranges are: Varilite, Bodypoint ®, Shear Comfort®, Stealth, and the FSA pressure mapping system.

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BES Healthcare works with and supports clinicians and professionals who are responsible for the provision of Harm-Free healthcare.

BES Healthcare will primarily be interacting with a range of stakeholders, including but not exclusively, professionals involved with Tissue Viability, Fall Prevention, Infection Prevention, Ward Management, Loan Store Management, and Senior Management positions within Acute and Primary Care (Community) environments.

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BES Decon works with and supports the businesses, institutions, professionals, and services which provide Sterile, Transportation, and Support Services to surgeons and operating theatres.

BES Decon will primarily be interacting with stakeholders such as Theatre managers, SSD managers, budget managers, procurement managers, finance managers, AE(d)s, and other decision makers.

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Healthcare Innovations Australia (HIA) specialises in providing innovative healthcare solutions from Australia and around the world, to provide a better quality of life to individuals and their carers.

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Joncare manufactures its own paediatric range of solutions and has been a well-respected brand in the paediatric sector for 37 years since its formation.

Acquiring Joncare has given BES the opportunity to build its presence further in the paediatric market, and at the same time enter the mobility arena with its market leading pressure care solutions through Joncare’s mobility outlet.

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BIOtAK Ltd is a UK company and was founded to commercialise enzyme based wash indicator technology developed by the UK Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England).

BIOtAK has the exclusive licence to utilise patented enzyme based indicator technology worldwide, and is developing products to be used in a wide variety of decontamination areas.

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